The following is a list of current CE courses for technicians:  

Online Radiation Safety Course with Candi Stafford, RVT (Two CE Credits)

Veterinary MRI with John Posh, RT (R)(MR) (14.5 CE Credits)


New 2013 CE Regulations for California Veterinary RVTs:

As of July, 2013, a new regulation will be in effect in California governing license renewals of RVTs. The Veterinary Medical Board (VMB) will require that all RVTs renewing their license for the second time or more demonstrate completion of 20 hours of CE credits within the two years prior to renewal. The law states that records must be kept for 4 years from the date of course completion and may be requested during an audit by VMB. Vet technicians can take courses for CE credit online through AAVR, a certified provider of RACE-approved courses. AAVR’s Radiation Safety Course worth two CE credits fulfills this new California regulation, in addition to the January, 2011 regulation requiring radiation safety training for veterinary professionals. RVTs can also earn 14.5 CE credits with AAVR’s innovative new online Veterinary MRI course

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