There are universities that offer free online courses and classes. Topics cover a wide range of subjects. With the increasing use of advanced imaging modalities, there is now a new online Veterinary MRI course as well as a Radiation Safety Course available for veterinary professionals who want to take low-cost continuing  education classes.

Universities typically offer OpenCourseWare (OCW) classes to aid traditional courses and to facilitate self study for students. They offer the same content found in school programs including lectures, assigned readings, quizzes, and homework assignment albeit in different forms. Note that these classes do not provide degrees, certificates, or college credits.

Online veterinary classes require students to have access to computers and the internet as well as software(s) that would allow them to view lecture materials. Courses are usually presented in slideshows or in video format. Notes and assigned readings are typically available for download in PDF format.

Courses target specific aspects of veterinary practice that allows students to build knowledge in new areas and develop great expertise. Online veterinary syllabus offers anything from Histology, human-animal medicine, to population health. These topics, along with a broad range of subjects allow students to further understand veterinary medicine. It is definitely a great addition to one’s education as it clarifies a veterinarian’s role in public and animal health among a host of other things.

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