It’s the buzz word. Everyone is talking about it, but it seems as nebulous as its name. What is it?

Cloud computing is no different than those old green screen terminals—for those old enough to remember—that we used to enter information into a central server. It was terrible! At best, those systems were slow and would often freeze, resulting in lost information. The bad feelings associated with terminal or dummy computers is probably a big reason it is now called "cloud computing" this time around.

An old idea with new packaging.

In fact, you probably use cloud computing every day. Do you have a Gmail or Yahoo account? That’s the cloud! So, why is cloud computing different this time around?

Well, it is a classic case of technology catching up to an idea. Now the internet is fast enough to make cloud computing a reality. The reality of being at a computer and using a more powerful and robust central server somewhere out there that has the reaction time and feel of your personal computer. That’s why it's different this time around. More importantly, what can cloud computing do for you and your business?

For starters, it can simplify your IT needs by removing headaches associated with terms such as "SMTP" and "port forwarding." Not to mention the savings on software and the ability to collaborate with others on projects. (Check out Google docs.)*

What are the benefits of cloud computing for veterinarians, specifically?

With services like my new teleconsulting platform,, sending images and reports to others (owners, referrals, etc.) is easier than ever before, and the online storage feature means no more lost images or reports. You can also upload records using a fax-to-DICOM feature, making your reports accessible from any computer with an internet connection. This unique feature is the first step toward an electronic medical record (EMR).

Vetology pushes the limits of what internet access and a central server can do for veterinarians. Over the next few months users will see projects roll out that will add to our already robust cloud telereporting service—all designed to make you, the veterinarian, feel the zen of “cloud computing."

*Yes, I am a BIG fan of Google.

-Seth Wallack DVM, DACVR
AAVR Founder & Director
Vetology Founder & President

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